REACH-Restrictions on Fluorochemistry – HAVE YOUR SAY!

Cross-Sectoral Information Session on the Cascade of REACH Restrictions in Fluorochemistry: Information – Sensitization – Call for Participation

Current regulatory acitivities within the REACH legislation on the restriction of fluorine chemistry (namely the restriction of PFHxA and related substances, but also the intended restriction of all PFAS in the EU) will have tremendous effects on (essential) applications of fluoropolymers and fluorinated polymers in the EU (see also here).

In order to raise awareness for these important regulatory developments within industrial value chains and to inform relevant stakeholders,

jointly invited to a cross-sectoral information session on the cascade of REACH restrictions in fluorochemistry on 23 July 2020.

Round about 150 participants from different industry sectors all over Europe, federal and local authorities as well as other interested stakeholders followed the online information session.

Espescially Downstream Users Have to Take Action: Have your Say in the Ongoing Consultation

Espescially downstream users of fluorinated polymers and fluoropolymers have to take action now: Due to the recent restriction approaches a total ban for the use of these imortant materials may soon be implemented, only leaving a few exemptions for specific use cases. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that downstream users actively get involved in the ongoning consultations on European level and communicate their essential use cases (if not already covered by a derogation) as well as the possible socio-economic impacts. Otherwise there is a great danger that important high-tech applications may soon not be possible in the EU anymore.

An Event Documentation is Available

For all those who couldn’t follow the online meeting directly, an event documentation is available. The presentation slides of the online meeting can be downloaded via the following links:

A recording of the online session is available here.

A short report on the information session (in German language) can also be found on the webpage of t+m.


Bildquelle: Pixabay